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Here are 10 reasons Why Your Next Holiday Should be to Spain

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Spain is beautiful, the food is delicious, the scenery is great and people are very hospitable. What can I say the Mediterranean rocks! I have been to Spain several times and I have to say I loved it. From the UK it also has some of the cheapest flights and even from the US, you can find currently flights for as little as $300 return! I mean if you even needed any more reasons... here are 10! [ms_divider style=icon align=center width=100% margin_top=30 margin_bottom=30 border_size=2 border_color=#f2f2f2 icon=fa-plane class= id=][/ms_divider] The Food [caption id=attachment_4803 align=aligncenter width=1024] Photo credit: Ulf Bodin via Visual...
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